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For Admin

Gage's DarkRP


For Super Admin

1.Read your job description!
2. Terrorist both pro and non pro may only "/advert mass terror" then follow through with the act every 300 seconds you may only kill five people.
3. As rapist, you may not repeatedly rape the same person.?
4. Mutants pro or non pro may only kill when people are in their sewers.
5. When you're a Pyro you need to try not to kill people with your fire. You must advert what you're burning, but if they get in the way use your flame thrower?
6. Troll you just fuck with people. If you annoy people too much then they can kill you but they must warn you to get the away at least once.
7. Spiderman arrest law breakers!
8. Prison guard! Guard the Prison!
9. KOS Zombies if you have a gun. Zombies are able to kill anyone that is holding a gun.
10. Terrorists are KOS Anti Terrorist teams pro/non pro and vise versa as long as they have a gun! Also if a Terrorist adverts terror anyone can kill them!
11. Mutants pro and non pro are KOS to Mutant hunters pro and non pro and vise versa.
12. You must advert raid, you can do anything else without adverting.
13. No pickpocketing at spawn within the fences.
14. You can be arrested or killed for pickpocketing.?
15. Admins may not force them self's out of jail if they're rightfully in there.
16. Wizards pro/non pro and Warlocks are KOS to each other.

Very General Rules

1.) Do not expect an admin to take any action for any situation without substantial proof!
2.) Do not disrespect/harass/threaten/flame any players.
3.) Do not spam chat, microphone, or radio commands! This includes using a voice changer. If more than one person asks you to stop playing music or anything on HLDJ or anything then stop.
4.) Do not be a smart ass/troll. Zero-tolerance for trolling/smartass.
5.) English only.
6.) Do not apply other server rules to this server!
7.) Do not argue with an admin.
8.) Do not advertise other gaming websites/servers.
9.) Do not tell an admin how to do their job.
10.) Do not impersonate an admin or any player.
11.) Do not hack/exploit.
12.) Do not spray nude/pornographic/disgusting/nasty sprays or anything similar deemed as inappropriate by an admin.
13.) Do not abuse the votekick/voteban.
14.) Do not evade ban, mute, gag, or silence.
15.) Do not ghost. (Tell alive players useful information to better there odds, etc.)
16.) Do not chat spam.
17.) Do not mislead players with incorrect rules.
18.) Do not request an admins assistance in unnecessary situations; only rule breaking.
19.) Do not encourage/antagonize rule breaking. ?

General DarkRP Rules?Information:

1.) Mayor/Cops/S.W.A.T. have gun licenses by default.
2.) Mayor cannot make laws that void/conflict with the MOTD laws.
3.) Mayor cannot make laws that are unrealistic. (No running/jumping, etc. is NOT allowed.)
4.) Mayor should only be creating laws that are valid and reasonable.
5.) Terrorists and accomplices are kill/arrest on sight.


1.) Spamming paint.
2.) Spamming job votes.
3.) Abusing your job. Do what your job was intended for. Using a job for it's resources and then changing is job abuse.
4.) Spamming text screens/signs. If they say the same general thing then do not put more than one in the same general area.
5.) Putting signs on other peoples property.
6.) Shooting at someone without valid reasoning. You must have a reasonable cause for shooting at someone. Hate crimes, racism, etc. is reasonable.
7.) Spamming your camera flash.
8.) Spamming your flashlight. 
9.) Making money printer bombs.
10.) Using a camera inside anyone's base without the owners permission.
11.) Weapon checking someone as Security Guard outside the property you're guarding.
12.) Keypad crack/battering ram without a valid warrant as law enforcement.
13.) Making a sign that is a message to/against another player. Use signs for your own job/property.
14.) Blocking other peoples sign with your own sign.
15.) Going above ground/in the streets as Mutant. Stay in subway/underground.
16.) Arresting the Mutant.
17.) Terrorists are not allowed to let anyone have/use the cell phone IED or Timed C4/Suicide Bomb. 
18.) Killing the Mutant from above ground.


1.) You must play by NLR (New Life Rule). NLR lasts 2 minutes. After death/rejoining, you may not return to where you died.
2.) You must roleplay.
3.) You must have proof of illegal activity in order to arrest/warrant/want someone.
4.) You must have admin approval before making your own laws up as Mayor.
5.) You must get your permit for your weapon from the Mayor or Chief of Police only.
6.) You must have a shop if you are a job class that sells any type of item such as health, guns, black market items, etc.Assault, Shooting, and Killing Related Rules

1.) RDMing. (Random Death Matching). You cannot kill people for stupid reasons or to stop other rule breakers or if they have not done any damage to you.
2.) Stunsticking people randomly if your job is equipped with a stunstick by default.

1.) Killing someone for trespassing. You must warn them to leave first (unless you have a sign that states "Entry = Death") and give them reasonable time.
2.) Shooting to injure someone only if you have a reasonable cause to. 
3.) Having signs that state: "Entry/Keypad Cracking/Lockpicking/Bug baiting = death".
4.) Gang vs. Law Enforcement Wars as long as both leaders (gang leader/cop chief/s.w.a.t. chief) agree.
5.) Hobo vs. Law Enforcement Wars as long as both leaders (hobo leader/cop chief/s.w.a.t. chief) agree.
6.) Mutant is allowed to kill anyone in the sewers/underground/subway areas.
7.) Capital Punishment (killing) for all prisoners that are repeat offenders is allowed only in special ways such as drugging or forcing off a building. Shooting or stunsticking is not allowed as a form of killing in capital punishment. Only killing the prisoner once is allowed in his prison sentence.Prop Related Rules

1.) Spawning props in other peoples homes/property.
2.) Spamming props
3.) Prop Blocking anything/anywhere. (Excluding windows)
4.) Prop Killing in anyway. Making contraptions that can kill people also falls under this.
5.) Prop Climbing/Surfing. (Excluding ramps/stairs)
6.) Building in areas that obstruct the public.
7.) Tampering with out players creations/props.
8.) Floating props/bases.
9.) Building inappropriate structures with props. 

1.) Prop Blocking windows.
2.) Making a ramp/staircase.
3.) Building on isolated roofs not normally accessible.
4.) Mutant can build underground but not block off any areas.
5.) Building around your door if your building is isolated and you aren't obstructing public walkways.Door/Property Related RulesNOT

1.) Owning doors within a property with the primary door(s) already owned by someone else.
2.) Building outside of your property unless it is a sign/fading door.
3.) More than two keypads connected to the same one door.
4.) Manually closing your fading door by a button on your keyboard to prevent someone from getting in.
5.) Prop Blocking any doors/garage doors.
6.) Multiple fading doors stacked next to each other unless a player can fit between both while they are closed.
7.) Claiming public property unless you're a hobo and the property you claim does not obstruct public. 
8.) Owning any doors as a hobo.

1.) You must have keypads connected to fading doors and within reasonable distance and visible.
2.) You must have all doors/fading doors able to be keypad cracked and/or lockpicked.
3.) You must have all fading doors with autoclose on reasonable autoclose time. (3 seconds at least)

DarkRP LawsIllegal:
1.) All guns (except handguns) are illegal to be sold/have in possession/carry unless you have a permit for the guns.
2.) Throwing bug bait.
3.) Black Market items: keypad cracker, lockpick, unarrest stick, or stunstick are illegal to be sold/have in possession/carry.
4.) Corrupt law enforcement.
5.) Trespassing. 
6.) Graffiti anywhere except for within your own property.
7.) Causing public disturbance. Multiple complaints are required for this to be taken serious.
8.) Fight clubs.
9.) Money printers.
10.) Stealing/Destroying other players goods such as a microwave. 

Edited by: Evilseed

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